Proof Verification Guide

Before you begin, make sure you have generated the proof in the previous page.

Convert plonky2 proof to groth16 proof

Copy the three files generated in the previous step to the gnark-plonky2-verifier/testdata/mips directory. Convert the aggregated proof to a groth16 proof and export testdata/mips/verifying.key and testdata/mips/proof.proof.

git clone
cd gnark-plonky2-verifier
cp verifier/data/test_circuit/* testdata/mips
go build benchmark.go

Generate the on chain verification contract.

cd gnark-plonky2-verifier
go build gnark_sol_caller.go
./gnark_sol_caller generate --outputDir hardhat/contracts

Using verifier contract to verify proof (requires installing hardhat).

cp testdata/mips/snark_proof_with_public_inputs.json hardhat/test/
npx hardhat test

Deploy Verifier Contract

npx hardhat ignition deploy ./ignition/modules/Verifier.js --network sepolia

Output the contract address as follows:

verifierAddress: [ADDRESS] 
txHash: [HASH]

Call the contract to verify the proof.

./gnark_sol_caller verify [ADDRESS]

Upon success, it will output the following information:

verify proof txHash: 0x9fd5e351171da578617db428926d39c4d48e02c8b173c3867126412c182c7a99

You can view the transaction details for the hash.

Congrats! You have just deployed your first proof. You can try using your proof integrated with the use-cases of ZKM.

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