Introduction to ZK

To get started within ZKM, let's explore the basics of ZK Proofs

In Summary

  • A Prover generates a SNARK Proof which proves correctness and (if intended) privacy of the computation.

    • Succinct - short in size

    • Non-interactive - Verifier does not need to interact with the Prover to Verify the Proof

    • ARgument - "Proof"

    • Knowledge

  • Properties of a SNARK:

    • Completeness - If both parties are honest, the protocol gives the correct result

    • Soundness - If the Prover is trying to cheat, the Verifier will accept with negligible probability

    • Succinctness - The proof is short AND verification is easy

    • Privacy (Optional) - The protocol does not leak useful information to the Verifier

  • How a zkRollup works:

    • Outsource all expensive computations off Ethereum to a Layer 2

    • Send the results with a proof (SNARK) to Layer 1

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